4th R Foundation: We Have Come up With a New Form of Therapy to Remove the Emotional Baggage From Emotionally Challenged Brains; We are Waiting for a Positive Response From Our Education Leaders

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by Sajid Khan, The 4th R Foundation
Updated on: 6/3/2012
4th R Foundation: We Have Come up With a New Form of Therapy to Remove the Emotional Baggage From Emotionally Challenged Brains; We are Waiting for a Positive Response From Our Education Leaders

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Sajid Khan, who is the President of The 4th R Foundation, sent out a press release on Sunday, June 03, 2012 to announce: "4th R Foundation: We Have Come up With a New Form of Therapy to Remove the Emotional Baggage From Emotionally Challenged Brains; We are Waiting for a Positive Response From Our Education Leaders"

According to Sajid Khan, in spite of 1500+ articles we are still waiting for a positive response from our education policy makers. We now have a fast track method to rid the cause of emotionally challenged behavior in the majority of mankind. Will the authorities wake up? 

The 4th R Foundation is located at 2 Union Place, Ridgefield Park, NJ, United States 07660. Sajid Khan can be contacted by phone at 2124214848 for more information.

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In the words of our founder Sajid Khan:

After knol was closed I decided to stop writing too as I had tried and failed to make the world even consider my findings. From trying to persuade President Obama to Senators and Congressman, Mayors and Governors and even high level Google bosses but to no avail. I tried to tell them how we teach the mind and neglect teaching the brain. I have figured out how to teach them both. I am going to approach them one more time because I have now got another big break-through.

Given the way I have been able to describe the differences between the brain and mind I am not sure if any one else has figured out the following:

The so-called multiple personalities are really the different personalities projected by the brain and mind separately or as mixtures respectively. How did I figure this out? Very early on in my life I saw and experienced two different personalities. One was super normal and the other was shy, nervous and prone to panic attacks. I actually believed that I was insane. Imagine living day in and day out with the fear and anxiety of not knowing when my defective self would take over and humiliate and embarrass me. Life was very miserable with not much to look forward to. I was very confused and frustrated. Gradually I learned to separate and identify me as the super normal self and I started to observe my abnormal self. The more I observed the more my super self got free of the clutches of the defective self and the more I was able to manage and control the defective self.

I also observed that the defective self would take over innately and unconsciously, and thanks to neurobiology we now know that the brain acts innately and unconsciously. It is clear that my super self is the projection of my mind and the defective self was a projection of my brain. My brain was stuck in habitual patterns of biochemically producing a defective self image. The cause of this defective self image was none other than the emotional baggage that was still playing like a broken record in my unconscious brain.

I have now cleaned up my brain of this emotional baggage with my own unique method! It has taken me decades to perfect my technique and yet I was not quite there yet but the last few weeks have made it very clear what is required. I have now figured out an effective fast track new therapy that will not only clean up the emotional baggage faster than anything out there it will also be effective in removing severe addictions. After all a defective self image is none other than a severe addiction of the brain. My therapy will be specially effective in curing 24-7 horniness and sever smoking addictions etc.

According to my own observations over 80% of human brains have some degree of emotional baggage in them, from 15% that are -2 baggage, to 35% -1 baggage, to 35% +1baggage and just 15% +2 with zero baggage. From dropping out of school to unhappy marriages, to divorce, to dependence on drugs and alcohol and even from countries being masters of war rather than masters of peace the cause is none other than emotional baggage of the brain.

I have issued over 80 press releases, published over 1500 articles on emotional-intelligence/wisdom education. I have personally handed over my ideas to important leaders of education, from the President to superintendents of schools. Yet there is no positive response from any where. It is clear no one is ready to pay attention to a layman. Science is obsessed with evidence based research. Yes indeed I have not field tested my ideas through the accepted conventional scientific methods. Yet my concepts have huge practical applications, with theoretical as well as practical benefits. Please consider the following:

Look at the benefits of the unique and original way that I have identified the specific problem of the brain/mind:

Press Release - The 4th R Foundation: We've Found the Scrooge of ...(Please google)

Please consider the way that I have defined the differences between brain and mind:

Knowing the difference between the brain and mind through ...(Please google)

Scientists are reluctant to take up emotional intelligence education
as emotional intelligence is connected to the mind, brain and
consciousness; topics that science has not been able to define and
understand fully. What science cannot scientifically define, science
will not even consider as teachable. However a healthy upbringing does
not require a mother to be an expert in defining brain, mind and
consciousness. She does not even need to be able to measure and weigh
her own behavior. All she has to do is impart selfless love and
caring; behavior that generates a selfless self-image in the child.
Thus creating super mature emotional intelligence does not require the
mother to be an expert on emotional intelligence education. So for our
education experts to wait for first figuring out scientifically all
that is connected to emotional intelligence/consciousness/mind/brain
education is a big disaster that has led to all this mess and
confusion in emotional intelligence education. In fact even our
regular education is a disaster due to the emotionally challenged
brains of a huge chunk of our students.

We at the 4th R Foundation have found a way to measure the quality of
the mind, brain and consciousness.

Please Google:


I can go on and on with hundreds of such original articles but the greatest evidence supporting my work is in the fact that while science is still stuck in defining wisdom just as the Greek philosophers defined wisdom the Holy Scriptures have very clearly defined wisdom as an innate part of the pure self. The message of the Bible is very clear: God is saying that He made man pure. Satan came along and polluted man's self. All God wants is man to become pure again. Which means the Bible is also making clear what is emotional-intelligence/self education; education that effectively creates pure human beings. So the message of the Bible is precisely about creating emotional baggage free +2 super mature brains, exactly what my own research is suggesting!

I have invented and perfected my own therapy of how to remove the emotional baggage from emotionally challenged brains, the bottom line cause of most of the current mess in the world that is caused by emotionally challenged behavior of man.

But will the authorities listen?

Also please Google:



4th R foundation

Why Wisdom Is Almost Impossible To Learn. - World News Report

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Please check out our YouTube videos here:

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Please Forward This Press Release to Your Senator, Congressman, Education Secretary and All Those Connected With Education. Pleas Spread the Word That it is now up to our Leaders to fix the Mess in Education and in all Life.

The 4th R Foundation which is a non-profit education research foundation that researches informal/emotional intelligence education, human nature, brain, mind, conscientiousness, self, wisdom, life coaching, adult reeducation, shyness, self image, emotional brain baggage etc.

My new therapy will enable emotionally challenged brains to become super healthy through the mind generated self cleaning up the emotional baggage of the brain. It will be most effective for -1 immature and +1 mature brains. Those with -2 premature brain baggage will need more than my therapy.

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4th R Foundation: We Have Come up With a New Form of Therapy to Remove the Emotional Baggage From Emotionally Challenged Brains; We are Waiting for a Positive Response From Our Education Leaders


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