Amber Rose Ministries is Making it Easier For People to Give the Gift of God's Word During Tough Economic Times

Friday, October 09, 2009  Arrow   Amber Rose Ministries is Making it Easier For People to Give...
by KC DeKorte, Infused Systems

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The following press release and information therein has been obtained by ARGYLEnews from KC DeKorte who works for Infused Systems, a third party company. It is therefore not possible to make any guarantees about the validity of the information presented by KC DeKorte. As such, ARGYLEnews does not make any warranty or guarantee about the information contained within the following press release. This press release comes from Texas, whose state capital is Austin. Any problems or disputes over the following information should be raised with the author of the release (if provided below) or the proper authorities.

KC DeKorte, who is a Public Relations Director for Infused Systems, sent out a press release on Friday, October 09, 2009 to announce: "Amber Rose Ministries is Making it Easier For People to Give the Gift of God's Word During Tough Economic Times"

According to KC DeKorte, now through the end of the year, Amber Rose is offering two promotions just in time for the gift giving season. 

Infused Systems is located at PO Box 93105, Southlake, Texas, USA 93105. KC DeKorte can be contacted by phone at 817-423-4282 for more information.

. . .

The purpose of Amber Rose
Ministries is to help people in their pursuit to love God passionately,

worship Him extravagantly and grow in the supernatural ministry of the Holy
Spirit. Tom Davis, Amber Rose Ministries founder, worship leader,
songwriter and minister created The Healing Bible and CD to help people tap
into the Holy Spirit for healing of the body, mind, soul, marriage and

As the economy continues to affect people's outlook on life,
depression, alcohol and drug abuse and suicides are on the rise. Now more

than ever, people are seeking hope. With the current economic times still
uncertain, Amber Rose Ministries has created two promotions specifically
designed to help you share the hope and healing offered in the Bible.

The first promotion Amber Rose is offering this fall was developed
specifically for the gift giving season. Now through December 24th, when
customers buy three Healing Bibles and CDs they get one FREE.

"We created this promotion to help people give gifts that change lives
this Christmas season," said Tom Davis. "The free Bible and CD will help
stretch the budget and giving them one more gift to give at no extra cost."

The second promotion Amber Rose is offering is the Buy One, Donate One
promotion. The average Christian in the U.S. has as many as nine bibles in
their home. However, there are entire populations around the world that
will never have the chance to hear God's word. For every Healing Bible and
CD purchased Amber Rose will donate a bible to someone in need.

"We understand that hardship is felt all over due to this economy, but
we are hoping this promotion will help our customers feel like they are
making a difference for the Kingdom of God even when financial times are
tight," said Mr. Davis.

For more information on the special fall promotions go to:

About Amber Rose

Amber Rose Ministries is designed to assist people in discovering and
fulfilling their God-given Kingdom destiny. In Corinthians 4:15a the
apostle Paul said, ". . . you have ten thousand teachers in Christ, yet you
do not have many fathers." We are committed to identifying these "spiritual
fathers" and providing an opportunity for them to speak into the lives of
young saints and call them into their destiny. Whether it be on a platform,
small group setting or in to the marketplace, our desire is to not only
help people discover their destiny, but to equip and release them to
fulfill His highest calling. Conferences and workshops train and equip in
the areas of worship, revelatory gifts, prayer, healing, finances and

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