Bloggers Sign Up for Charitable Ad Network and Earn Income

Wednesday, April 06, 2011  Arrow   Bloggers Sign Up for Charitable Ad Network and Earn Income
by Candice Burks, Who's Your Brother
Updated on: 4/6/2011
Bloggers Sign Up for Charitable Ad Network and Earn Income

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The following press release and information therein has been obtained by ARGYLEnews from Candice Burks who works for Who's Your Brother, a third party company. It is therefore not possible to make any guarantees about the validity of the information presented by Candice Burks. As such, ARGYLEnews does not make any warranty or guarantee about the information contained within the following press release. Any problems or disputes over the following information should be raised with the author of the release (if provided below) or the proper authorities.

Candice Burks, who is in charge of Marketing Coordinator for Who's Your Brother, sent out a press release on Wednesday, April 06, 2011 to announce: "Bloggers Sign Up for Charitable Ad Network and Earn Income"

According to Candice Burks, help build community by finding ways to give a little back. 

Who's Your Brother is located at PO Box 424, Sewickley, PA, USA 15143-0424. Candice Burks can be contacted by phone at 412-801-2748 for more information.

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Finding new ways to make ends meet is a constant battle among those who are still seeking jobs after layoffs have left them frustrated and disappointed. "It's just good to know that I have an option to turn to when all else fails," said Suzanne G., a Pittsburgh resident who received help with groceries. Suzanne turned to Who's Your Brother (WYB), an online community where people can freely post needs and others can freely offer to lend a hand. Now local businesses can sponsor the efforts of WYB and receive advertising on their blog network, while bloggers receive a source of income. It's a win-win for all involved.

"We can all pitch in to help resolve the problem of hardship among our fellow neighbors." says Wade Redcross, President of WYB, "our goal is to make it possible for everyone to work together to build community." Bloggers must be registered by April 25, 2011 to participate in the pilot program.

In addition to administrative costs, the bulk of the funds raised by sponsoring businesses go to support a small group of dedicated part-time workers at WYB called Rescuers. Rescuers meet many of the needs posted on the site.

Unlike other ad campaigns, bloggers can choose which type of ad content will appear on their blog while offering ad space to sponsoring businesses. In the bottom right corner of each ad is a small graphic anchor which reads "WYB" denoting the affiliations of all parties and the purpose of their efforts.

WYB offers something very unique: assistance that doesn't come through a business, a social program, nor through a complicated bureaucracy loaded with a trail of paperwork. Instead, WYB simply reveals the neighbor in the community who noticed a need and took action. Moved by her experiences Suzanne has since offered a helping hand to others. "You can't put a price on the inspiration generated by selfless giving. We hope to spark such inspiration in whole communities," says Redcross.

Despite challenges raised by unemployment, inflated gas prices, and rising food cost, WYB presents a unique solution where the contribution of many can make significant impact among communities.

Who's Your Brother was founded in 2009 to provide opportunities for people to build up their communities by lending a hand to others in need without the exchange of money.

Bloggers can register for the pilot program at

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