CrossTalk International Announces New TV Programs

Thursday, February 12, 2009  Arrow   CrossTalk International Announces New TV Programs
by Lee Miller, MSGPR

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Lee Miller, who is the CEO of MSGPR, sent out a press release on Thursday, February 12, 2009 to announce: "CrossTalk International Announces New TV Programs"

According to Lee Miller, crossTalk Classics, Wize Flix and Miss April's Story Barn will join the program offerings along with CrossTalk International's award winning programs, Today with God and CrossTalk TV. 

MSGPR is located at 1511 S Chestnut, Lufkin, TX, USA 75901. Lee Miller can be contacted by phone at 936-637-7593 for more information.

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CrossTalk International announced at the 2009 National Religious Broadcasters Convention the availability of three new television programs. CrossTalk Classics, Wize Flix and Miss April's Story Barn will join the program offerings along with CrossTalk International's award winning programs, Today with God and CrossTalk TV.

CrossTalk Classics is available as a half hour daily strip for television stations. The program features the best of past episodes and segments from the weekly program, CrossTalk TV with host Dr. Randy Weiss. CrossTalk TV and CrossTalk Classics viewers enjoy teaching, humor, singing, and sharing from a Jewish man's perspective. Randy teaches about the Jewish origins of the Christian faith and helps the Church be sensitized to Jewish issues. He is committed to biblical clarity, historical accuracy, and creative techniques that captivate audiences.

Production has begun on Wize Flix, a weekly half hour children's program designed to teach children to make decisions based on Biblical values. Hosted by Dr. Randy Weiss, he plays the role of a movie director stopping the action seen through animation to discuss the role the character is playing. Animated films from Animated Family Films will provide the animation for the programs. Production is scheduled to be complete in May 2009 for the first season.

April's Story Barn brings the barnyard to life to teach preschoolers to grow God's Word. April Snook is a mom of three and a woman of God that hosts the program with music and teaching along with her barnyard friends. Although the program is designed for preschoolers, April engages all ages with her fun stories and catchy songs. The program is a weekly half hour format.

"Our creative staff has really outdone themselves on these projects," says Weiss, executive producer of the programs. "God has truly blessed us with our people resources and partners. We continue to produce more programs in order that many will come to Christ."

CrossTalk International is a Texas based ministry led by author and TV host Dr. Randy Weiss. He is a Jewish believer in Jesus who has been proclaiming this message since his conversion in early 1973. CrossTalk International launched its first program in 1994, CrossTalk TV. The weekly television program is still in production and is seen internationally in many languages. CrossTalk International also produced the highly acclaimed TV series, Today with God, the National Religious Broadcasters 2008 "Best Television Teaching Program of the Year."

The programs are edited and distributed through the EICB studios located in Cedar Hill Texas, just south of the Dallas metroplex. For more information on CrossTalk International, please visit


MSGPR is a PR company based in Lufkin Texas north of Houston. For more information contact us at (936) 637-7593 or at

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