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Monday, February 09, 2009  Arrow   Nuremberg Trials Revisited at
by Rosemary McKittrick, LiveAuctionTalk

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One after another, war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials in Germany professed innocence or ignorance about their role in the Holocaust of World War II.

Some of them blamed Hitler. Others blamed his henchman Himmler. Both men were conveniently dead.

Some of the war criminals were arrogant and loud in their testimony. Others were polite and quiet. Hermann Goring, Hitler's number two man, admitted his role. In fact, he defended it and was mystified as to why he was in jail.

He was simply following orders.

People from all over the world followed the trials. It was mind-boggling for most to grasp the imprisonment and killing of 6 million Jews. Not to mention millions of non-Jews. There was also the plotting and carrying out of the war in Europe which couldn't be ignored.

Margot B. Brant (Bortlin) was one of those translators in the courtroom during the Nuremberg Trials. On Nov. 3, sixteen, two-sided, 16-inch, official vinyl recordings from the trials belonging to her went on the block at Doyle, New York. Contemporary sound recordings of the proceedings are extremely rare.

The Nuremberg lot sold for $2,375.

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