Timelines for Evolution and Creationism are Both True

Saturday, January 01, 2011  Arrow   Timelines for Evolution and Creationism are Both True
by Michael Dow, Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC

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Michael Dow, who is a Manager for Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC, sent out a press release on Saturday, January 01, 2011 to announce: "Timelines for Evolution and Creationism are Both True"

According to Michael Dow, using Einstein's theory of special relativity, both the story of a 6-day creation of the universe and observational measurements of the universe being 15 billion years old can be non-contradictory. 

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There has been a century's long, heated debate in regards to the theory of evolution and facts of science with the Judeo-Christian belief about the timeline of the creation of the universe. Observational measurements of the universe place its age around 15 billion years old while a literal reading of the first book of the Hebrew and Christian bibles place the age of the universe at only around 6 thousand years. Surprisingly, one of the most confirmed theories of physics, Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, resolve this issue and allow both to be true.

Simply put, Einstein's special theory of relativity says that all laws of physics are the same for all frames of reference in uniform motion. More specifically, the speed of light or speed of any electromagnetic wave is constant no matter your uniform motion and nothing in the universe can go faster than light. For this to be true, which it has been proven to be so, time and space have to be able to dilate or bend. Another way of saying it is that time and space are not absolute, the laws of physics are.

Einstein's equations show that the faster you move in uniform motion, time will be measured differently for you since the speed of light has to remain constant. For example, if there are twins born on earth and one is put on a space ship that can travel at 80% of the speed of light and takes a 12.5 year voyage to another planet and then returns after arriving there, the twin left on earth would have aged 25 years. The proven equation of time dilation is t'=t(square root of (1-v squared). Here, t' is equal to the time that is experienced by the traveler relative to another time t and v equals the percent of the speed of light. In this spaceship example, the time experienced by the twin onboard the ship would be t' = 25yrs times the square root of (1-.64). This equals 15 yrs. So that twin would have only aged 15 yrs instead of 25yrs.

In regards to our evolution and creationism timelines, God could have simply been moving so close to the speed of light during the creation that to Him, it was only 6 days. We can now calculate how fast He was moving by doing some algebra. 6 days = 15 billion years times 365 days/1 year times the square root of (1-v2). The square root of (1-v2) equals 6 days/5,475,000,000,000 days. Square both sides to get rid of the square root and you get 1-v2 = 1.201 x 10 -24. Subtract 1 from both sides and multiply both sides by a negative and you get v2 = 0.99999999999999999999999879902421. Take the square of both sides and you find that God was traveling at 99.99999999999999999999993995121% of the speed of light. Since the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters/sec, God was traveling at 299,792,457.99 meters/sec as He was creating everything which is why it was reported as being only 6 days because that's how long it was for Him relative to an earth day and his speed.

No wonder He wanted to take the seventh day to rest after moving so fast and doing so much! And we also see that even God worked according to the laws of universe.

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