World Overcomers Christian Church Sponsors More Than 600 Angel Tree Children This Holiday Season

Thursday, December 08, 2011  Arrow   World Overcomers Christian Church Sponsors More Than 600 Ang...
by Patty Briguglio, MMI Public Relations

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Patty Briguglio, who is the President of MMI Public Relations, sent out a press release on Thursday, December 08, 2011 to announce: "World Overcomers Christian Church Sponsors More Than 600 Angel Tree Children This Holiday Season"

According to Patty Briguglio, local Church Makes Christmas Special For Children In Need 

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Senior Pastor Andy Thompson, founder of World Overcomers Christian Church (, a nondenominational church serving worshippers in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park community, has announced that the church is sponsoring more than 600 local children for the CARE Ministry's Angel Tree project this holiday season. For more than four years, World Overcomers Christian Church has provided clothing, learning materials, toys and other goods during Christmas to area children in need. Members can pick an angel from the tree and then purchase the child's requested and recommended gifts. The church collects items during its Sunday and Wednesday services, and members volunteer with the Salvation Army to sort gifts before delivery. Besides the Salvation Army, World Overcomers Christian Church partners with local schools, social workers and Operation Breakthrough, an organization that provides low-income families with the means to be self-sufficient, to receive names for the church's Angel Tree children each holiday season.

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"World Overcomers Christian Church strives to be a light in the local community, especially through our care and provision for those most in need during Christmas," said Thompson. "This time of year can be incredibly difficult for the children who have to face the reality of poverty. We hope to make Christmas special for our Angel Tree children through our time, service and the giving of gifts."

World Overcomers Christian Church Facebook page:!/worldovercomers

World Overcomers Christian Church (WOCC) serves worshippers in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park community and beyond by creating a spiritual experience that is powerful and positive for participants. Since 2003, WOCC has offered a casual, contemporary, dynamic service ministering to people of all ages and backgrounds. Under the leadership of Senior Pastor Andy Thompson ("Pastor Andy"), WOCC provides quality community service as well as Biblical ministry as part of its mission to create a balanced victory with a God-designed life. The church believes that God is as concerned about your life on earth as He is with where you will spend eternity. Its charitable activities include the annual Thanksgiving food drive, Angel Tree donations and volunteer work throughout the year in local shelters and schools. Located at 2933 S. Miami Blvd. at the intersection with TW Alexander Drive in Research Triangle Park, WOCC has more than 8,000 members attending its non-denominational services on Sundays at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. and noon and Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m., and its services air daily on WRDC at 6:30 a.m. and are streamed weekly on its website. For more information, visit

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